May 26, 2016

Frequent Questions

  • What is cable television?
    During the 1940s and 50s cable television began in several areas of the country to enhance broadcast television signals in mountainous and geographically remote areas. A large antenna on a mountain top or high point, would then be connected to homes via a cable so viewers could receive the broadcast signals.
  • What is the oldest pay channel?
    Home Box Office (HBO). It began in 1972 as part of Sterling Manhattan Cable.
  • What new services will cable provide in the future?
    Some of the cutting edge technology that cable is focusing on include: internet access; local telephone service and business long distance; HDTV compatibility; and interactive TV. And that’s in addition to providing you the great television programming you’ve come to expect from cable.
  • What is interactive TV?
    In some areas around the country, cable system operators are starting two-way video-on-demand service, which will provide movies instantly upon request.
  • What is a PSA?
    Public Service Announcements are often referred to as PSAs.  The FCC defines a  PSA as a short video recording presented by a nonprofit organization which attempts to persuade the audience to take some specific action or adopt a favorable view towards some service, institution, issue or cause.  Also it is a media message designed to promote positive actions such as those encouraging safety or health.