May 24, 2016

Consumer Informaton

Forget what you thought you knew about cable television!

Today competition and technology have completely changed the playing field. Cable system operators are upgrading, delivering new products and services, and providing great value for their customers.

Thanks to fiber optics and hybrid fiber coax architecture, basic cable is a thing of the past, and the future is here! Cable companies transitioned from analog to digital technology to meet customer demands and the competition of telephone, satellite, wireless cable and broadcasters.

Today, customers have access to digital cable, high-speed data communications, improved signal reliability, better pictures and sound, and two-way transmission. More and more cable telephony offering both local and long distance is the new wave of cable service.

Cable also puts a high premium on customer service. Consumers choose their communications providers based on how they meet customer needs. Now, with programs like cable’s On-Time Customer Service Guarantee, everyone providing cable, telephone or other communications services works harder to make customers happy.