June 1, 2016

Business Of the Month: MediaCom

Story courtesy The Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce

Mediacom’s Janet Wesley, pictured at right, and Phyllis Shea, pictured at left, have been greeting area residents and providing customer service since the early days of cable TV — well before people imagined watching TV programs on computers, tablets or smartphones. In fact, Janet and Phyllis began working at the Excelsior Springs cable office several years before Mediacom bought the system and began its operation and expansion in 1998.

To say their jobs have changed since then is a colossal understatement. Fifteen years ago, cable companies offered just a few dozen channels and reception was analog-only (remember the clunky tube TVs?). The VCR was used to record TV programs, and there was no high-speed Internet service.

Today, Mediacom’s customer center at 115 N. Industrial Park Road is larger than in 1998, and Janet and Phyllis don’t just sit behind a counter. They prefer to be in the lobby with a remote control in hand to show consumers an assortment of 200+ cable channels that provide entertainment, sports, children’s programming, 24/7 weather and much more. The cable TV experience is “night and day” different today – with dozens of the most popular channels available in high-definition reception and the ability to time shift programming to suit individual schedules. Janet and Phyllis love to demonstrate how Mediacom’s OnDemand channel and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) give customers the flexibility to choose what and when to watch. If not now, a viewer can record programs to watch later using a DVR; or go to OnDemand’s extensive video library to see primetime TV shows and other free programs, or view newly released movies.

The most striking change, by far, is the Internet and its role in the daily lives of most consumers. Mediacom continually invests in its extensive fiber optic network to support cable broadband service with Internet speeds that are in the top tier for the nation’s most reliably-fast providers. Mediacom’s fiber-based broadband platform has delivered impressive Internet speed increases many times over the past 10 years and offers a wide menu of speed choices to meet different needs for different consumers.

On September 1, Mediacom pressed the accelerator again to bring Ultra 105 Internet to Excelsior Springs and other Northwest Missouri communities. Ultra 105 delivers download speeds of 105 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps. Ask Janet or Phyllis about the need for this much speed and they’ll explain that the robust bandwidth of Ultra 105 or Mediacom’s Ultra 50 service is ideal where multiple users simultaneously access the network and want a reliably great online experience.

When asked to reflect on the changes they’ve seen while working for Mediacom, Janet and Phyllis vacillate between saying, “we’re not the old cable company, we’re a technology company using the latest digital innovations.” Or, “yes you can teach an old dog a new trick or two, and that’s what we do — we show people of all ages how to use our digital products to get more value and convenience from today’s Mediacom.”

For more about Mediacom, visit the website.